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Play Kayak Polo



Primary School

We are situated between Sligo and Carrick-on-Shannon on the N4.  Just a 2 hour drive from Dublin, Galway and North Donegal.  Leave at 8am be home for 6pm.  Or leave at 9am be home for 7pm.









Canoeing on the Lake




Rafting on the Lake


Primary School

1 Full Day activities includes the following:

From experience we have learned what Primary School  children like to do:

 Wheelies on the Lake

  • Water Sports Kayaking / Canadian Canoeing / Rafting
  • Adventure Challenge in the Forest

We cater for large and small School Tours.   Two activities in a full day or one activity for a half day.

Bring your own lunch.

Book Early for this Fantastic Adventure Day!

Each activity takes 2.5 hours from:

  • changing into gear –                                                                                           OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • going on activity -
  • changing out of gear.

Our instructors take great care with the children to kit them out in good fitting gear. The instructor to participant ratio is 1:8. All activities are run as per National Governing Body Guidelines. So they can have a safe enjoyable day and Teachers can relax.

Children bring their own lunch. Please see downloads for ‘what to bring’ on School Tours and Parental consent form.


We are offering extraordinary rates. Ring for details.  Terms & Conditions Apply.  Weather conditions permitting.


This Activity takes place in the Forest.  The Forest is beside the Centre and takes 4 minutes to get to.  The children must follow a map through the Forest and stamp their card at the successful completion of each challenge.

The group begin by:

  • Wearing blindfolds and following a rope into the Forest
  • They then break up into teams of 8 and each team get an Instructor and a coloured bib and a map to follow
  • They must cross the stream by doing the  ’Leopard Crawl’ across the stream
  • In the clearing they can have a short break where their instructor will brief their Team
  • They must send a morse code message to their team
  • They crawl under the cargo net
  • They must get their team through the Spiders Web successfully
  • They must cross back over the stream by walking the ‘Slack Line’
  • Here there are several challenges to be completed
  • They once again must put on the Blind Folds and follow the rope out to escape from the Forest




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